Friday, June 20, 2008

Food for thought

Read the other day about a family where the toddler twins were found in their room by an older sibling – dead. The father hadn't seen them for some months and the mother thought maybe she didn't feed them often enough. There is obviously a whole sad story there and I don't know the details and can't make any judgements about it. The parents are to be charged with not supplying the necessities of life. This is a legal obligation for anyone sharing a house.
It put me in mind of a conversation I had many years ago about eating and family. The Bible verse about those who don't work should also not eat was quoted. I am quite hopeless at direct quotes from anywhere. Don't seem to be able to remember exactly where things come from or the exact words used. I hope I get the gist, however. I dislike it when a few words are taken from the Bible to support some argument and no thought is given to the overall message or even the historical context.
Anyway our response was that anyone in our house would be fed regardless of their efforts in any field and the arguee realised that what was said was a bit harsh. It seems the law agrees with me.
On a larger scale, however, we should remember that we all share the home called Earth and this means that everyone here is entitled to be fed regardless of their value to us personally as people.

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